If you just do one thing for your business, make sure that building a list of subscribers is your top priority. A list of opt-in buyers for your business is your number one asset, as without one, cold selling is difficult. Compare trying to run Facebook ads with a simple email to a list of five thousand plus interested buyers, who have already shown an interest by opting in to your subscribers list, and there really is no comparison. Facebook is a social media platform where people simply just socialise. No one sets out to purposely buy anything on this platform, therefore you are trying to sell to a cold audience. Not to mention trying to tackle the ever changing business ad manger within the site. Doable but difficult.

Digital Marketing is purposely set out to be confusing and challenging, by the thousands of internet marketers who's main objective is to try to convince you that without their course or product, which they are trying to sell you, you are likely to become overwhelmed within the marketing minefield and more often than not, likely to give up all hope of becoming successful online. The issue here is that you constantly find yourself rotating in a sea of mass confusion anyway, when you realise the course or product you purchased wasn't all that was made out to be. 

You know the saying already, but 'keeping it simple' is so incredibly important when the internet is awash with too many 'laptop lifestyle' hopes and dreams. That simple process is being consistent with building an email list of opt-in subscribers, and then once that list becomes large enough, you then have an incredible asset at your fingertips that you can market to whenever you desire. Just think of it as you standing on an open air stage and in front of you is an audience of interested buyers that grows and grows and grows. It really is that simple and that is everything you need. Don't get bogged down with the countless end of courses, videos, books and products available to help you succeed. Forget all that and just start building your future. 

Of course, you won't be successful overnight, as a solid business on sturdy foundations takes time to build, and your subscribers list is that build.

So what is the best way to build a list? Plenty of free traffic is available via social media and there is also a paid method which will accelerate the growth. But what if there was a way to not only build a list yourself, but to get others to build your list for you at the same time.

List leveraging is a very simple process that enable others to help you build your own list while at the same time, build theirs. Consistency is the key here. By having others assist you with your list, you will reach that point, of approximately five thousand subscribers, where you will have at your disposal, an incredible asset to use at your leisure and compound your income.

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