For the remainder of July and the whole of August, I am offering a one time payment of £86 (inclusive of VAT). The usual price per month is £197.

This special introductory price will be for one business advert placed on the front page of Google, until the 31st August 2020.


I will require full business address details, including a main phone number that customer's contact you on. Any website details, if applicable, and any special requirements of what the advert should say or look like. Although please bear in mind that I only have a limited amount of space on a YouTube thumbnail, so, just like any other advertisement, short and direct is best. A more thorough detailed business explanation will be written up in the description box.

An invoice will be raised and sent to the relevant business employee stated, upon first placement of the advertisement. This invoice will need to be settled immediately for the advertisement to continue ranking on the first page of Google until the conclusion of the special summer offer, 31st August 2020.